Monday, June 15, 2009

Slow days

I went to Houston this weekend and saw my best friend for the first time in about 5 years or so. He and I have gotten a kick out of our significant others who have implored us to call and visit each other. We are just as close whether we talk every week or twice a year (which has happened). That was put to the test this weekend when as we said, nothing has changed. That's my boy for life and I am blessed to have found such a friend. I really wish he still lived in LA though, this is the one thing my girl T Danvers was right about, I do miss him. More than I realized, but it is all good. his baby girl is beautiful, Leila. And his wife is a nut case, Tonnie. LOL

Meanwhile, track season is upon us. Started well and has hit some road bumps for the DSports crew. Tasha returned to London as is her routine, and ran in the inaugural Super8 series. A great idea that will force track into the 21st Century. A two hour team meet with some variations on the competition to keep it entertaining and action packed. Tasha was one of the team captains and spokespersons for the meet. We decided to support the endeavor and have some fun. She ran the short hurdles and the medley relay. She won the short hurdles which is always a fun race for her, and we decided to run the 200 leg of the relay. All was well until 80 meters and she pulled her hamstring. Rehab time! Tasha has a terrific attitude and as her blog said, she'll be back!
Kai Kelley finally broke through and dropped 13.44 last week. That brought a little dance out from the coach. Nothing like the newbies having success to remind you why you do something.
Jonathan Williams had a nice run in front of the federation, and for his own confidence.
Ryan has been running well. He took the Brazilian tour and got a good chance to establish some rhythm. He took second in Berlin yesterday at 13.21. Props to Dexter Faulk who won it in 13.18.

Ok tired of typing, see you all in Eugene, for the show. Time to put people on the team.