Friday, July 3, 2009

Lion Chaser

As I sit here watching Beowulf, I decided to take five minutes to write. Let's see if it has any fluid direction whatsoever. The truth is most of my blogs do not flow because I am constantly mentally editing what I write. I have gone so far as to write entire blogs and erase them. LOL Yup a few times. One must guard their thoughts when speaking and writing them down. This is the one reason I chuckle when I am accused of spilling my guts or telling secrets. Ok I do not actually chuckle, I get pissed.
So, Eugene was not so kind to me and my charges this year. On we move to the summer circuit. Ryan started his campaign in Oslo and Kai gets baptized in Madrid. For those of you out there, welcome him to the road, he is a virgin, with a clean passport LOL. Watch out for my man, I do not want him wandering around Europe waiting for a pick up. We all know the stories.
Congrats to D Payne (you owe the track gods lol) T Trammell(again!), and Aries (about time), go get em fellas in Berlin. D.O. get better and see you out there in London.
Here's a little history for you, Johnnie Dutch ran 48.18 to make the team at age 20. Danny Harris in 1984 ran a similar time to win an Olympic medal at age 20. Man where can I get some of that gene pool??? We have Dutch and Anderson coming up through the ranks and young kid Wyatt just getting in the game. The long hurdles are looking for a return to their glory years where you ran 47 to medal or stayed home.
Tomorrow is Madrid, come on Kai let's get it.