Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coherent ramblings

July 3rd was my last published blog, not my last written one LOL. If you follow me on twitter (@dgs1103) or facebook then you know I always have something to say. Kind of stunts my ability to blog because I run out of coherent ramblings since they tend to be random and varied. Let's go...
Indoors has started and while I love the fact I can see results and talk about what folks are doing, I still feel no relevance to outdoors (real track). This weekend is stuffed with big names on the pro level. The college kids have been at it for a while and running fast. For the life of me I wish I could remember these kids names that run these fast indoor times but a couple of them fell off outdoors, so... back to the pros. I watch the 60s, sprints and hurdles. So this weekend is exciting to me. At Millrose the 60s are stacked and over in Europe a few big names are over there to make statements. Should be fun and Sunday will have the track bears out of hibernation.

My prayers to one Mr Xavier Carter. Young man pick yourself up and grow up. I mean it with all the energy an old head is supposed to pass on to the young lions of the pride. We ALL make mistakes, the successful ones stand up and move forward. I implore and ask all that are near and dear to him to hold him up and push him forward. Forget track and running fast, I am talking about life. Lets all help him step away from the edge and realize there is thrill and energy away from the edge also. Someone pass this on to him if you can, I am rooting for him now and want to see him be a success story not a money story. Money is short, life is long, that will never change.

Ok back to light hearted stuff.
I would like to thank all my friends and associates and enemies for opening my eyes to the darkness of track and field. I was inundated with proclamations of knowledge all fall. No one in track can pr or improve without drugs anymore. Track folks we have too much disbelief in us. You re out there working damn hard to be great and to be the exception, yet every time someone achieves this level we tear them down without question. Benefit of the doubt is not even offered. Let tell you what I know for sure, if you do not think someone else can do it, you do not think you can do it, and you are operating on hope. Hope is not what gets it done on the track. Hope keeps you training, but when you line up to compete hope is a loser. Belief in the impossible is a constant in great ones.
And thank you for confirming that I have exceeded the boundaries of your imagination.

Congratulations to Alabama for completing on undefeated season. But you are not any type of national champion. Boise St is undefeated too. I love college football. I love football but this is about the farce that is CFB. The NCAA should be sued for false advertisement and prostitution, and pandering and racketeering. Nothing about D1 is for the well being of the student athlete, it is all about money. I resolved my anger by deciding the season actually ends the first week in December. The bowls are for entertainment value solely. Without a playoff we do not get a champion. What we get is arbitrary games that are mainly based on fan following (they travel well). College bball and soccer and baseball and track and water polo and ALL OTHER SPORTS have playoffs. Nope these teams do not travel 100+ ppl but with the millions that a playoff would generate it can be budgeted. Ah you get the point, I am not a fan of bowls, the bowl system and i think the presidents are full of shit whenever they try to defend this crap called the BCS. Come one TCU played Boise St this year. Why? Because they could not have another of their member conferences get beat again as Oklahoma did. that would have legitimized the complaints and law suits and legislation against them.
Whenever a congressman takes this issue to congress you know something is wrong with it. Oh and that for statement about the well being of the student athlete was squashed when we had 24 hours of college basketball to start their season. We had games starting after 9pm on the West Coast and at 7am on the east coast. LOL

Ok more later, back to tweeting and watching FB people think i am updating my status on FB 30 times a day LOL. I have my twitter connected to my FB, sorry folks, i like to share some things, at times it is even interesting.