Friday, March 5, 2010

Bootcamp is over

I learned today that not only is the time of year coaches start to amp up speed and intervals in practice, but boot camp really is over. I know because I attended the ceremonies of my oldest, Ricky, yesterday and today. It was one of my proudest moments in life.
Yesterday was Turning Blue. He received his blue braid that signifies him as infantry. Now the downside is I missed the ceremony but got there just as it ended. Which proved to be perfect. See I was the surprise. He had no idea I was coming, and when I popped up from the mass of people he was surprised, then I got surprised. He gave me hug so tight it almost broke me down. I love that MAN, no longer a boy. And I really did not expect him to react so strongly to my presence, yeah fathers love to feel wanted too. It was fantastic.
Today was his graduation and I was in for another surprise. He was the guidon, or should I say holding the guidon. This is an honor bestowed upon the most upstanding soldier I was later told by a 17 yr enlisted man. Shoulders back, head level, back straight, knees straight, at 6'2". "That's my boy out there!" Looking like a soldier, a man.
Lord I thank you for my children and for the lives you have blessed them with. You know I have not been the father of the year but through your infinite wisdom they respect me, love me, and show me tremendous honor. I know this would not be possible without you. Keep them covered out in this world. Help me continue to show you favor through my love for my children. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Needless to say this man is feeling like he did something right, proud of my man!