Monday, May 24, 2010

Bad business

The season has started. No new faces so far, and the usual suspects are staking claim to their respective places.
DO drops another early season sub 13. Impressive how he and Brooks have dialed it in and are able to run fast right out of the gate. NICE!
Jet has started her season off strongly having taken down the Jamaican trio in succession. It shall be an interesting summer for sure.
Meanwhile, so I have not posted in 2 months. So much I will not say simply because I don't possess the language to say what I want to say with any type of savvy.
Sadness in the fact that La Shawn has gone down and for such a personal reason. I really cannot call him the smartest man in the room, that is for damn sure!
What I want for Christmas is a sport that is about bettering itself through well planned, and transparent marketing and planning. I do not want to read blogs, message boards or tea leaves to figure out if the powers that be our working to better my situation as a participant in this sport. I have never been so disheartened in my life by this sport. Where are my athletes to go to earn a living, or afford to chase this dream. As the structure stands now it is extremely difficult to afford participation in this sport and that is sad. I know of a couple of stories of very talented individuals who are seriously considering walking from the sport because financially it is riskier than playing the lottery! This is not a good situation. And I will leave it there.
We need to do better. I want us to do better.
Hope to see you all soon on the circuit this summer...