Friday, September 3, 2010

TAG game

In the evolution of life we are changing.  That statement is redundant but so am i lol.
I want to introduce my new company, threshold athletics group, tag for short.  Firmly based in this wonderful sport of track and field, tag is not merely a training group or track team, it is my brand.  Stay tuned to other ventures such as clinics, speed training, hurdle training, personal training, and whatever else i decide to explore in this wonderful life we all occupy together.  so please welcome tag and look forward to seeing the logo soon at a track and website near you!
TAG team members are; ryan wilson, jonathan williams, and new comer kevin craddock. 
Meanwhile on the track i want to thank and congratulate ryan on a terrific 2010 season. our goal was to stay healthy and consistent and get his name where it belongs in the rankings.  mission accomplished. this was a building year and i feel we are set up to accomplish the bigger goals on our shared goal list.

Props to David oliver (do) on a tremendous season and his american record. it has been a renaissance period for the high hurdles and do is the latest to push the limits and expectations. also props to his coach Brooks Johnson.  They have been on a five year journey, and their success speaks volumes to the recipe for success in our sport, stability.

Ryan has one race left in this season and then we start preparing for Daegu and London. Jonathan, Ryan and Kevin are my main focus but i do have a couple of choice spots available. I am waiting to see who out there is ready to step up and reach for their dreams.