Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My intent is to blog a lot or at least more frequently but I end up on twitter and by the time I decide to blog I have nothing to say lol.  Well kind of, more like I do not feel like writing too much more than 140 characters.  So here I am, lets go with these random thoughts and points.

Track -
Threshold is off to a successful start.  Kevin Craddock ran an abbreviated indoor season and will conclude it this weekend in New Mexico.  He started this yr with a pr of 7.73 and now is the proud owner of 7.57.  He damn near won his first race in Europe.  I am happy for the kid, he worked hard to get a chance and through his hard work he has made himself a name again.
Ryan is training well and we will be ready for outdoors.
I cannot wait for outdoors.  Just because I am a fan of this thing and it is going to be a FAST year in track, we have already seen hints.
Congrats to Kellie Wells on a fantastic indoors season.
David Oliver looks to be picking up exactly where he PAUSED his outdoor campaign.
It will be interesting to see who new pops up, thats always interesting.

Life -
My youngest took a dive off his bed and it took a minute to sink in but it scared the holy out of me. Spent the night in the hospital as a precaution. Glad that is over, kind of.  He has a concussion, which means I have to watch him for signs of anything more serious.  So far so good, he is returning back to himself.

And back to twitter I go. I think I have developed a short attention span.  That means I have to get back to reading and writing more.  See you at a meet somewhere