Saturday, March 5, 2011

Indoors is over!

Congrats to all who ran indoors and a special congrats to my hurdler, Kevin Craddock.  Kevin ran a pieced together indoor campaign and capped it off with a second place in New Mexico.  Gave us a chance to see where he is, and how effective training has been up until this point.
I know many use indoors as a barometer, and others as preparation for outdoors.  Being a LA kid born and raised, I use it simply to appease the hunger in an athlete and break training up IF it is needed. I do not translate or over evaluate the races because they are so different from outdoors my mind doesn't even relate the 2.
That being said, now we can focus solely on outdoors, and negotiating 10 barriers to Daegu.  The ultimate goal is always making the outdoor teams and winning medals, indoors has zero bearing on that so I give it little weight.
The beauty of living and training in LA is that the weather is rarely terrible.  So we can train all year long and at distances we can use.
One of the joys is watching the best of the best train.  It is hard work being the best and contrary to the rumors that permeate our sport, the best train hard to earn their station.  I watch those I have been in charge of and those under other coaches, and I know what is to come when the summer gets here.  The pureness of track is marveled by no other sport in the world.  Run faster, jump farther, throw farther, these are the simple skills of the sport.  Gods majesty is unrivaled, and all of you that participate in this great sport should enjoy the gifts you are so blessed to use and display.
First stop is Texas, then Mt SAC, then we shall see.  One thing I know, this is going to be a fast year in the sport.  All signs point to a lot of fast times and high standards.  Here we go!