Monday, April 22, 2013

Synching up

It is time to get a new laptop!  I have been remiss in blogging because quite frankly I no longer enjoy being on the trusty laptop.  I loved this thing for years, and it has finally dawned on me that the frequent freezes, inability to view videos without causing those freezes, and fear of opening more than one application means old betsy has grown, well, old.
Anyway, let's get all synched up.  It is track season.  Now part of me wants to play track blogger and be all detailed, and deep about things track.  BUT see I have a mild form of ADD, I know I will get going and get bored and just stop, so what I will do is update you on me and my group, Threshold Athletics Group, TAG for short, is alive!  Skipping the time line restraints, I have 3 Italian ladies, Giulia Latini, Giulia Arcioni, and returning Martina Giovanetti.  Those names are pronounced "Julia" and yes they both have the same name.  They are hard workers, and three very different personalities.  This is the earliest any of them have competed, and despite my internal goals, we are doing just fine.  I still want more for them, and we work accordingly.  My elder statesman, Ryan Wilson is world ranked again, 8th, and recently won Mt SAC, which is always a good omen for his season.  A surprise addition to the team, has been the interlopers from Qatar.  I swear God is good.  When they say it is who you know, they were not lying!  My ADD has kicked in, what else do I want to discuss...
From the headlines, what is this fascination with outting gay football players?  I find it very interesting that people are so free with other people's privacy!  Who said all those men, whoever they are, are hiding?  Anyone ever consider they may want to avoid the scrutiny and keep their private lives, you know, PRIVATE!  All this socio-political talk has us ignoring folks rights.  Now the paparazzi, are running around chasing guys and posting pictures.  People screaming for them to come out, and calling the league homophobic.  Talk about crossing up subject matters.  I am not arguing about gay marriage, nor whether or not the league is homophobic, I am saying, if someone wants to come out and tell you who they are sleeping with, that is THEIR business, and it is also THEIR business to not want to tell you.
Boston Marathon bombers deserve to die.  One brother down, one brother to go.  DO I really need to go into the why's of it all?  They picked probably one of the most apolitical settings you can, a sporting event, hell a marathon!  Marathon's are international sporting events.  And in the end killed 3 innocent people, including an 8 year old.  8!  My son is 8.  I coach track, it is very easy for me to imagine him being at an event with me and this happening because of these clowns. I am glad they caught the youngest, he will be prosecuted, that is a good thing.
I am sure there is a thousand other things I can comment on, but I do need to blog more than once a year.  So I will save it.  Think on it.  And say something about it.  Maybe I will tell a story.... OH before I go, I am on the UCLA coaching staff.  Please send me all young high hurdlers, please and thank you.