Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DJ is just saying

One more day in Korea and we close the shop and head home. The real world.

the Korean Air Force have been running sorties all day, if you have ever been near a fighter jet you know how loud they are. and they are fast too. an amazing sight to see them take off.

we went to the shops today, and as is the tradition here, the evisu store got the most attention. I thought about buying a couple of pair and selling them back home, but losing my check card solved that issue.
For all of you back home, evisu cost $100 on the high end here. So next time you see someone in the States sporting some evisu's they bought for $300 just chuckle.

The irony of closing this season is I have a full crew here. About 5 athletes.

whatever you do, VOTE!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just DJ

when im alone in my room sometimes i stare at the walls/and in the back of my mind i hear my conscious call/.... lol For all you youngsters out there that is some classic LL Cool J.

It is 6AM in Shanghai and out side is the thickest humidity I have ever seen. if we were in LA of Beijing most would mistakenly call it smog, but I know it is the atmosphere. looks like fog too.

i have to say, there is nothing better than being in a hotel that is the track. Zurich is around the corner, but this hotel is the track. Go down to the lobby walk through a door and there is the track. too bad this meet is so far away and at the end of the year.

so it is at an end. as a friend said so eloquently, it is the paper chase folks. very few are serious, even less have done a training session in weeks lol

so the election is coming, day after my birthday, yessir. Obama will win. and then we will see what the country is really about. economic crisis, bad politics, and a lack of foresight dominate the US right now. as in everything in life it is reaching its high water mark and we as a people have to do something.

in track folks are starting to realize we have to raise our game professionally. the politics in our sport are dirtier than the presidential race. cries of corruption, open attacks on high performance from the new CEO, and old stars doing NOTHING to bolster the profile of the sport, of the athletes.

athletes, get to Reno our continue to suffer the consequences of indifference and non participation in the business end of what you do.

on a lighter note, it is amazing to watch Tasha go through her new stardom. we talk about it and dream about it, but to actual achieve the medal and become a national icon is a different animal altogether. the reality hit like a ton of bricks. her old teachers, her classmates, her everybody want to acknowledge their connection to her. just makes me smile and laugh. this is forever, she will forever be an Olympic bronze medalist. yessir

this room is off the chain. the Chinese have a great mind for sexiness in designs. the showers and bath tubs all have windows, you can choose to cover them or leave them open and see your room and outside the huge windows to the city. it is like taking a shower out side, not in a corner like it feels at home.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

DJ giving props

DO you did your thing! Good job.

Christine O. Commonwealth, World and Olympic champion. The trifecta and they still do not get it.

Tasha D. way to pull it together baby. The heart and soul of my group, thanks for letting me spin the records for your party.

Ryan Wilson way to do the grunt work this summer. Nothing went how we wanted but you pulled out an entire season.

JKwayke wow! what a year for you. Silver indoors and an Olympic final.

Tyrone E GB, man way to go. first you crawl then you walk then you run! 10.06 and the semis. Last Brit standing. And he ran some of the best second legs I have seen in a while

Wallace my man was going through some things this summer, and he still came through for third whenver he needed it! Get right, the talent is there for sure

Lashawn just crashed the party. A couple of 43s and a gold medal. not a bad nights work.

Dayron is the man. amazing year. And we are coming for ya!

Dawn Harper! What can I say? From knee surgery to start the SPRING to the top of the podium. Niceness

Lolo that run to win trials is historic. that was fast, period.

Tyson Gay is an alien

Usain Bolt is from Mars. I want his dna checked, he is not human. I have seen things in the last 6 weeks to fill a lifetime from him. And he is 22!

Gotta go play some music.... be back

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

DJ back in the Booth

What a summer!
Bolt destroys all notions concerning sprinting.
Asafa remains the same, albeit, a little faster. He is the most prolific sprinter in history. Too bad Bolt will surpass him soon, barring injury.
Veronica Campbell has one of the fastest seasons ever and does not even step foot on the track in Beijing for the 100. Jamaica still swept the event.
What in the world is going on with US sprinting? This is the question on people's lips. The answer is really simple. Nothing. All the pieces are there, injuries got in the way. Simple as that. Matter of fact US sprinting was better this year than last year overall, but since Tyson went down and the women were swept in the 100 and the relays dropped the stick, something must be wrong. Naw, nothing is wrong.
Barack Obama is on the verge of winning the White House. But first, he has become the first black presidential candidate to win a nomination. First Obama then 19.30. 2 things folks said we would not see in our lifetime.
On to 2012. And all of the UK is in a panic. LOL You would think they won the "get bombed" lottery the way they are acting. 2012 is an opportunity for the UK to shine, so far they have just proven the British stereotype of cynicism. The stadiums are over budget, there is not enough housing, they have no sprinters, there are no track athletes capable of medaling in 2012. LOL Full panic mode over there.
I read on a message board where someone said Tasha should run for 2 more years then step aside for the younger athletes to have a chance in 2012. And they are serious. She should LET them have a chance. This is about competing. Those youngsters need to step up.
Track is like the wilderness, you want to rule the pack you have to step up and challenge the leader and beat the leader. Period. You want someone out of your way you have to beat them.
Jaden started school this week, Pre - K. He is three and doing addition. Amazing.
Football season has started, what could be better.
I went to see Babylon AD. Terrible movie. It is edited with the assumption that the watcher knows the story already. I have no idea what I watched in the end or what it was supposed to mean.
In case you missed it, Tasha won a bronze medal. I am still happy.
Now on to the newbies, time to get them started. And I cannot wait. 2 weeks