Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not very random this one

Penn Relays - over hyped by the network and too much talk about redemption. You cannot redeem something that is over. You cannot redeem something specific with something random. It was fun to watch the competition and see a little energy out there, but all the talk about Beijing was just stupid. Beijing is over and cannot be reclaimed. The sprint crown has to be reclaimed at worlds AND at the next Olympics in 2012. Until then, there is no redemption.
That being said, Dix was impressive. Carmelita continued her early season emergence. Jamaica's DMR was impressive. Nice to see Kenia back on form.
Drake relays - on Friday it was in the mid 80s. On Saturday it was cold, wet, windy and raining. Ryan dropped 13.21 from lane 8. Candice opened her campaign with a 12.96. Considering where she came from and is currently going I am pleased with that performance. Jeremy ran an easy 45.01. Lolo gambled with her hamstring and loss. Reports are she will be back by June.

Tomorrow is Guadeloupe, I am normally there enjoying the Caribbean weather and rain. But this year I am home. So Ryan is on self preservation mode, which should result in a good run since he spends most of his summer career on his own. The true meaning of vet. Saturday is Jamaica, Tasha finally gets to run a meet on the island. I thought Melaine was running but she is running the flat 400, however the field is decent and will provide a good early season push for her. Candice is locking and loading for her second race of the year as we continue to work towards Eugene.

Irvine, CA. Steve Scott Invite - this should serve as Kai's coming out party. He dropped a good 13.68 at Mt SAC, got some big boy experience on a trip to Penn relays, and now it is time to drop a real time.

USC and UCLA have the annual dual meet this year on Saturday. I love it!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Not really in the mood

I have not been able to blog. Not because I am at a loss for words but because the things I want to write about I do not need to blog about. Kind of a different writers block. My inspiration is flawed, my intent skewed, and my message deluded.
So why am I writing now? Just to write. In the next few words you will not find in depth writing, or well constructed arguments, rather I will just write until it is time to hit the publish button, OR as I have done many times before just delete what I do not want and post some edited version that the world will never know about lol.
I laugh a lot, it breaks the tension and gives structure to my words, but in the world of the Internet this is not always a good thing. People's interpretation of your words are reality, no matter what your intent or voice. I suggest you write, "I am being sarcastic" to make things clear, and even then folks will believe what they want.
Recently I had to take a moment to gather myself as I found myself under attack from a coward. Rightly or wrongly I post a lot on message boards, one in particular. It is no secret who I am and I post accordingly. Well as you can imagine things can get heated when one is sharing their opinion about others. I am no stranger to controversy, used to it, sometimes goad it on. Every once in a while I find myself under attack from the grassy knoll/clock tower. Normally I accept it as part of the game, but this time I was disturbed. The board keeper and a few posters seemed to be in cahoots and that gave me pause. When the issue became my personal life I took offense and I was rebuffed. Granted the coward had his facts skewed but it is clear it is someone that knows me personally, and that is upsetting. I am past it all now, kind of, I tend to hold grudges, but it was so foul it caught my attention.
On the other side of reality Penn and Drake are tomorrow and I am excited. I have three hurdlers running in Drake, the first time I have had anyone run at Drake. I will know a lot by Monday about where we all are.
Ryan won Mt SAC in 13.45. Kai dropped 13.68 which is a tenth off his pr so we are looking good. He looks even better because it cost him his hair. Check out my or his facebook page to see the new Kai. Jonathan went to Dakar and ran in a wind storm. Glad he got some chips for that trip because it was a waste. This weekend should give us a far better idea of what he is capable of. Candice is opening up this weekend, but this will not be any indication of what she will do this summer.
So now I will go to the track and sit back and watch some track. Those bloggers of you and twitters keep me posted.
Shout out to my man Jay Hicks and the crew at PreRaceJitters. They are doing a great job.
If you have not heard it check out Tasha's interview with Dwain this Wednesday, It was a great interview and you will have all your questions answered.
Well looks like the publish button is calling me. See you all on the circuit soon, run fast and compete well, I am always watching.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


OK here is the play by play

Ryan and Kai in the 110s
Carmelita in the 100
Torri in the 200
Tyrone and Martial in the 100
Teddy in the 400

This normally should take a few hours, yet thanks to a scheduling issue this is a 8 hour day if I stay for all the races. I have not decided yet. Just a long time to be at Mt SAC. I will report in tomorrow on what I think about it all.
Time to shower and shave for the show. Peace

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Coach I was thinking>>>"

"Coach I was thinking...." "Uhm, coach I was talking to [World class athlete X] and they do...."

These 2 lines are reserved for veteran athletes that have been with their coach for years and shown progress and proven they understand their coaches philosophy. These are not lines for neophytes, rookies, or athletes that have never bought into their coaches program.
If you are a non veteran be advised that starting a conversation with either of these phrases will result in A) a quick cussing! B) A smirk. C) A long lecture on what you should be doing. D) A quick cussing. E) A simple but loaded, "Why?" F) The "Be here or be there conversation. G) All of the above. If you are ever in wonderment about whether you are able to approach your coach with these phrases, the answer is very likely NO! However, all coaches advise you to ask the veterans. They will give you the rundown because more than likely they have been there and experienced all of the above.

"How are you feeling today?"
Many athletes think this is a trick a question that when answered incorrectly will result in them missing training, being doubted, being seen as weak or not tough, or dictating their session for the day. So the inevitable knee jerk response is some form of "Fine, Coach." The greatest lie ever told by athletes. Whew. Just tell us the truth. We asked the question for information purposes not ego purposes. Example: Athlete A responds, "Uhm I am a little tight but I am FINE." What does coach say? "How are you feeling?" Athlete, thinking they are hip to the game retorts with, "Fine coach ready to roll!" Coach says, "What's tight?" Athlete "Nothing, nothing, its all good coach." Lawd have mercy, just tell us what we want to hear. You have wasted five valuable minutes trying to dodge a question that is for your own benefit. The "I am fine athletes" seemingly end up hurt. It is because when you were rundown, or tired, or sore, or "tight" you ignored your body, did not tell the coach so he could do his job properly, and in the end he designed a session that was too much at the time. This is inexcusable and will get you the greatest cussin' of you career. A coach knows where the danger zones are in the training cycles, so he wants to know how you are handling the load and how YOU are reacting. Everyone is different, so drop the cookie cutter responses, and give your coach some details.
DO NOT tell coach "Fine" then go tell your training partners that your back was stiff all morning and you thought warming up would help, or your hamstring had a knot in it since Fridays session but you know your body and it will be all fine after you warm it up and stretch it. We hear this through the grapevine and we will have one of those walks where you do very little talking and whole lot of listening. We rather just coach.
Think of it this way, your "I'm fine" Is the equivalent to coach giving you the same workout all year without any variations. And we both know how athletes love to do the same workout over and over and over again. It loses its effectiveness and becomes useless.

Monday, April 6, 2009

From under the scoreboard

Took the crew out to UCLA for a little stretching and racing. A yawner of a meet, that served as a meet and greet more than any hot competition. The purpose being to ease into the season and wake folks up. They are all awake now. By the end of practice today they will know it is time to turn the lights up. We do not need the switch flipped, but we do need to turn the lights up.

I was honored after the meet and humbled. There was an alumni social, which they have been having for the past few years to reconnect with alumni and expose the team to the history of our tradition. I went a few years back and it was the usual old guy convention, very few of my contemporaries were there. I figured I am so vocal about my Alma mater I better start doing things that matter and at least be present. Nothing worse than sideline critics that do nothing to solve the problem.

So there I was observing that the alumni from the 60 and 70s were out in force, and then the alumni from the new millennium were there, but very few from the 80s and 90s. I am talking 4 of us and three of us were surprise visitors, myself being the veteran. So I am thinking I have to spread the word next time to make sure I see my teammates when the festivities start up. Honoring Coach Bush, his athletes not letting him live down the fact that he came out of retirement to coach USC, his athletes telling stories, and then Art stepped up and gave the closing remarks. He was joking about some of his ex athletes, and recognizing various people when out of the blue he said my name. Hahahahahahaaha, made me chuckle.
I have been a vocal person about the state of my schools program and Art and I have had a few emails and a couple of face to face discussions. I would love to be the sprint coach at UCLA, I make no secret, but I do not chase it because Tony is a personal friend. So when Art recognized me in the room, I had to smile, and the strange feeling of humility ran in the room. "He has come into his own as of late," was the line he used. Great on ya Art. Thank you.
For me, it is always strange to hear my name said correctly. Darrell is so commonly pronounced Daryl here in the US, I have grown accustomed to the mistake and the needed correction, Da - Rail, is my name. Art said it right, and that rang in my ears. Felt good too, the room was full of alumni and current Bruins, my people, my brethren. We like that.

Meanwhile, before the social event there was the meet I was talking about. Nothing spectacular to speak about. That will be reserved for the up coming weeks. All I can say is there is a beast on the prowl out there and there will be some disappointed faces in 2 weeks. Stay tuned. I got a little something for everyone this year, no where to run to baby, no where to hide. LOL
I look forward to seeing all of you soon. And remember, "He who run fast in April, get ass kicked in August." I love that saying, good luck to you all, stay healthy, be patient, and let's have some fun at this thing!