Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am different

As the title to this suggest I realize I am different. Not strange or weird or artsy different, I process information differently and think on it from a different angle. That being said this blog will be some random thoughts not short enough for tweets and status updates. Lets go

I was told get a job and do not coach. That was 17 years ago and they were right but I am still coaching. LOL
I was told to get off the internet and stop letting people in on what I think and I am doing. They were partially right and I made partial adjustments. LOL

This is for my man Doc Dossman who I hope all athletes know by now. I know and athletes know that physio's, doctors, chiros, and masseuse's are not the same. We know who to go see for what, well let me rephrase, I know who to go see, and I instruct my athletes accordingly. However, when in casual convo it is time prudent to just use physio as a universal catch-all. Especially on the road. For example some call me a trainer depending on where they are from, I do not get involved in the banter of correction, its not important in casual settings.

To my tweeter friends. Criticizing grammar on tweeter is dumb. You have 140 characters to say what you need to say, abbreviations and homonyms are acceptable and preferred and a part of the text-lingo. Your continued post about grammar is arrogant, presumptuous, and makes you look like an asshole. Real talk. I will write and misspell and keep it pushing becuz its ltd spc avail 2 say wut i wnt 2. You want proper grammar read a blog, or an email, stop embarrassing yourself and trying to clown others in an attempt to make you feel superior.

Do you ever get irritated with folks that complain about texting? LOL I did at first but I remembered something. I do not like to talk on the phone. Hell most men don't. One of those old school stereotype things LOL. I like texting because I can carry the conversation at a comfortable and unforced pace and so can you. Neither of us have to answer RIGHT now. We can readdress the convo with a written record of what was said not flawed memories that lead to arguments lol. That being said, texting has been a universal reverse psychology on the world. We now all appreciate the value of real communication, hearing someones voice, seeing them and their expressions.
Sadly what the internet has created is a false universe. Where people think what they think is acceptable simply because they thought it and have a medium to bring it to existence.

Ok enough ranting, I am far from perfect and I am sure guilty of the things I dislike the most LOL. In more important news, good luck to all athletes going to nationals! My 2 charges Carmelita and Kenny, go make this team!
Oh i do have one more rant. This one is form the heart and goes to my track friends and foes and fans. Shut yer mouths! Root for who you like, be friends and dislike who you want. But stop all these accusations and drug insinuations. One day it will be you if you ever get to realize your dreams. Be mindful of this simple truth. You are working hard and selling out to be the best, to be recognized and to win. When you get there you will want to receive accolades and smiles and have people admire what it took to get there. If all you read and HEAR is about how dirty you are, you will not be pleased. I have seen men cry behind accusations, this is real life and real people just like you. Our sport is shaky and when I hear people in the sport talking about how such and such is dirty it pisses me off. We are all trying to earn a living out here and I am telling you from experience, reaching the pinnacle does NOT guarantee you money. We have to do better, this should not be the case under any circumstances. Watch what you say and who you say it to.
Further, you will not succeed operating from a negative pov. That energy does not breed success, just contempt. Change your mind, be positive. You are better served allowing people to disappoint you than protecting against it through cynicism, pessimism and hateful opinions. Real talk.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

24 hours of D - Not a race for the weak

Suffice it to say my last 24 hours have smacked me around. We can skip the first 4, I am not telling you all what it was anyway, plus the last few is where the action is, like a well constructed action flick. As I have been joking I got fired on my day off, TWICE, that is all. Then I woke up today and started over. Cool.
Get up, felt a little tired, got dressed, kissed my son and dressed him for school (love it), headed off to the weight room to start practice, it is 7am-ish at this point. Got a little business to hand but had to delay it because the person was not in that early. Gym it is! Now it gets good. I started smelling gas in the truck yesterday afternoon, but no leaks I can see but clearly by the time I was leaving the gym I was in full flow of when I was taking the truck to the shop, after practice was option 1A and 1B.
Well remember I had that business to handle so I decided to get it done between the weight room and track, let's roll betsy, even tho she was smelling a little gassy. Rolling along with the windows down hoping I do not pass out from the fumes. Then the accelerator goes dead. Uh oh, I just took the truck in for that. Coast around the corner, step on it to test it and NOTHING but a pop in the engine. Wow what was that? Out of the corner of my eye I see some thing. What is that says my brain. My eyes scream FIRE! The right front is in full flame, and growing!!! Jack Bauer was a black man for 10 seconds. brake/putinpark/unclip seatbelt/grabphone AAANNNNDDD bounce! Walk away from the vehicle D! Call 911, oops, wait...
I skipped a part. On my way to the gym I found out my phone was down. Thought I had made a payment and did not. So I am sitting there at 730am with money in pocket and no way to pay the bill until 10:00am when the shop opens. So no calls to be made except for 911. If you did not know you can always call 911 as along as you have a signal. ok back to the action...
CHP happened to be driving by and pulls over, he blocks traffic and stands next to me and watches the fire, the Car-B-Q as he and the fireman would later call it.
I am safe and sound. The engine is D-U-N! A few sprays from the water hose of the fire truck and it was all over, nice plume of white smoke.
Bye truck, 1989 silver 4runner in decent condition, gone by the car killer. That is 4 for me now, only one was my fault or carelessness, that other three are wear and tear, and a drunk driver.
It is over I proclaim. That 24 hours is in the books. As soon as I pay the 200 to the tow company that was called out to drag the truck away.
Get this, they want me to pay them for the towing and storage AND sign over the truck to them if I want to junk it to them! Where dey do dat???
Can someone show me a track meet! Damn!