Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Illuminati, NWO and other stuff

So the new conspiracy is an old conspiracy but on a grander scale. If you did not know the Illuminati is running the entertainment industry and subliminally influencing us all! JayZ is a free mason and every video is about devil worship, or the Illuminati or both. I have a disclaimer, I do not believe in grand conspiracies and think it is a human construct to shuck responsibility for ones own decisions or to irrationally justify someone elses success over your own. I do not expect anyone to agree with me, but I am right on both counts LOL. I have done the research to prove it. LMAO So go forth into the matrix and just know that NOTHING you do is without the influence of the secret society known as the Illuminati who have mysteriously decided to show themselves EVERYWHERE and use everyone to establish a new world order. At least that is my conclusion after listening to my friends tell me so.
See I thought the diamond sign by JayZ was for The Roc, which is his business, but not so my friends. It is the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid, which is free masonry or the devil or the Illuminati or all of the above. Anyway back to reality.

C Breezy!!! Finally he has been let back into the game. I personally don't think he should have ever been shunned. No man should hit a woman, operative word being should. But since I heard the truest version right off the top I never demonized the kid. He made a mistake. So I am glad he was asked to do what he does best, be a transcendent entertainer. He did the damn thing in the MJ tribute and hes crying was genuine. I saw it coming, the moment the song and BAM!
but here we are in the age of cynicism and haters. Yes I said haters. Commonly called crabs in a bucket. In this current atmosphere hes tears have been called planned and theatre. Its just ridiculous these days.

OK so congrats to Ryan Wilson. 13.17 makes him the third fastest high hurdler in the world and now he is set up to attack this summer circuit in Europe and join the big boys, David Oliver and Dayron Robles. This is the first healthy summer he has had since 2006, so I am well chuffed. It is also his fastest time since 2007, now to go out and pr. Next up another visit with Mr. Oliver and co. in Eugene, Oregon.

Albert Haynesworth stop it. Play ball and get over your self. You have a job to do son, no one promised you ease, and at your price tag you should be versatile enough to survive.
Lebron should be a Clipper but no one has that kind of foresight. If Stern was truly a puppet master this would happen and the NBA would ride LA to billions! Kobe v Lebron in a battle for who's house is it?!!! It would be a marketing bonanza, and by the way, a healthy Clipper team is better than Cleveland and Miami. But i am sure it will be Miami or Chicago. Question, what do you do with Rose if you bring in Lebron? Hmmm...

My closing advice is this, watch Wipeout! If you do not know please do yourself a favor and watch it, I promise you will not be disappointed.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

USATF surprises

This was a surprising day in Des Moines. I was sitting on my couch watching the US lose, UCLA win and WLs left and right at US Nationals. Some from expected suspects and some from unexpected suspects.
I have seen Greg Nixon run all spring and he has looked ready to run, but 44.61 was a surprise result. One because he looked horrible on Friday in his semi. Two he was in lane 9. Three he had never broken 45 before. Four he looked terrible Friday!
Congrats Lolo on the dream victory. I do not care who you are if you can win the US title in your home town on a track you ran on your whole life, that is something special. Family and friends in the stands. Excellent.
Special shout out the Kellie Wells on her second place finish. Long road back but here she is.
Batman and Johnny Dutch were shock performers. Batman hadn't broken 48 in a few years despite his medals and success. And Dutch is a junior in college. 47,63 is ridiculously fast for his age.
The highs got started today, the race I have been waiting for.Ryan cruised through easily. The show starts tomorrow, and will be a fun race to watch.
Ok once again, I am typing half sleep...

Blogging Afterdark

It is never wise to blog wen sleepy but hey what fun we can have. Now contrary to the title of this entry, this will not be anything close to twitter after dark.

USATF started and the 2010 100m champions are Walter Dix and Allyson Felix. Congrats to you both. The winds prevented the times from being fast. The off year and absence of some of our top athletes have sucked the energy out of meet for some.

My personal interest rest in the 110HH which start Saturday and end Sunday. Looking for my man Ryan Wilson to run well and stay healthy for the summer circuit.

Like I said bad idea to blog late at night, I have fallen asleep twice writing this smdh

In closing, sorry three times now. Ok that was the closing. USA soccer and USATF champs on TV in the AM, I will be in bliss.