Thursday, July 15, 2010

I dont want to write an article

This is a blog. You want news go to or follow Conway Hill (
), my space is random and sometimes less than thoughtful.
So on to the show.

A white guy broke ten seconds. A few want to cry about the skin of the man being insignificant, but oh well, it is an event. Lemaitre did it to win his nationals in 9.98 and he did it in beating my sprinter Martial MBandjock (10.08).
Allen walked away. Over the last couple of years we have become friends, and throughout his entire career I have remained a fan. I used to believe I would end up coaching him back in the early/mid 90s but it never happened. He is my mental model of hurdling, even more so than Skeets, which is saying tons for me. When I picture what I want for my athletes, it is AJ is see. Lil fella did it like no other for a long time, I will do all I can to convince him to stay in the sport in some significant capacity.
Paris was shaping up to be the big showdown between Dayron and David, but the Cuban champ pulled out with sore legs then went down to injury at practice the next day. We may have seen something extra special now we are just left with special. ;)
On the home front I am in full track withdrawal!!! I have not been to a significant meet since 2008 and it is killing me. These are the business months, where I get to see my work flourish and mature, and make those on the move decisions that give races that unknown excitement. Instead I have become an expert at coaching by Internet feed, emails, skype and BBM!
Speaking of, all my iphone friends, until they show me something that can do what BBM does, text unlimited for FREE, I will remain on #teamblackberry. BTW I love the iphone and it one touch apps and screen etc. I have a itouch and it is great. But I know what my athlete is feeling as soon as he can get his phone. INSTANTLY.
Meanwhile, Paris is tomorrow, July 16th. Pls send me all live feeds and result pages, I collect em from meet to meet.
Oh, please congratulate Kevin Craddock on making it to the circuit. He's a year away but the experience is invaluable.
Other than that Ochocinco show is great entertainment, TO is melodramatic, Wipeout is the funniest shit on TV, please believe it.
That is all...for now.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random as usual

In this world of instant gratification we have found twitter the new fix. We can even combine the various social media such as facebook and twitter. Apparently android can this and more! Amazing. Making friends has never been impersonal! lol However, I am not here to bash the soundbite habits of this new Pepsi generation but rather the ridiculous notion that the caricatures created by people are real and true.
Twitter wars are the dumbest things I have ever seen. The arguments are hilarious. I try to remind people, twitter is not real! Just a bunch of people letting their alter egos run wild. Very few would ever live their twitterafterdark tweets LOL.
Now I will say it is a terrific medium for party announcements and the such. Event alerts are terrific.

Meanwhile Lebron James is on the verge of signing with the Miami Heat, and judging by the last tweet I just received via ESPN someone finally broke the news. So that will give Dwayne Wade Bosh and LeBron to chase his second and their first. My opinion about their chances will lie in who else they sign. Those three alone do not strike me as Celtic, Magic, nor Lakers beaters. Bosh is a jump shooting PF/C which leaves them soft in the middle. And James and Wade both create from their ability to drive to the basket, which begs the question who sits on the outside for the drive and kick? And they are saying Lebron will be the 2 rather than the PG. that is yet to be seen but the styles don't mesh well as I am looking at it.

Lausanne is tomorrow also. Pause... Props to David Oliver (see his blog on the side) and his coach Brooks Johnson ( for tying the AR in the 110HH, 12.90. Job well done fellas.
OK so Lausanne is tomorrow and Usain Bolt has switched from the 200 to the 100 to protect his irritated achilles. I will be on my computer and phone tough trying to keep up with the results, as usual. If I am lucky I will find a computer and watch the meet. Fingers crossed. Ryan is lined up next to the WRH, Dayron Robles, should be a good race. Looking for Ryan to drop soon, but it depends on how he handles his jet lag this trip.

OK it is late and I am sleepy...