Sunday, October 26, 2008

DJ - House music

I am reading all these blogs, and talking to folks, and all the medalists are running around the world glad handing and whatnot. It is great to read. My friends call and ask what I am doing, and how I feel, etc. Well wishers of course, and then I have to educate them, I am the coach. I get all the blame and little credit. LOL It is the mantra of all coaches, and we revel in it.
See, as much as, I would like to be with Tasha smiling and interviewing I realize that is the husband in me not the coach. The coach is the guy that stood there smiling as she jogged her victory lap. The coach is the guy that kept it light while we waited for final call. The coach is the guy that has already written all the training sessions from now through New Years. More importantly, coach is the guy that is always here when you need him. And that makes this coach smile.

So to all you athletes, mine and others, day one is quickly approaching. Clean up your eating, get some sleep, and by all means, ANSWER THE PHONE WHEN YOU SEE MY NAME ON THE CALLER ID!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I am on facebook. had the page for a while but never did anything with it, just had it. Well now I am on there reading about holiday trips and off time, and all kinds of non track stuff. Makes me laugh a lot because I realize as a coach there is no such thing as off time.
I am not a college coach which is even worse, but as a pro coach I have to write new sessions, evaluate this summer. Talk to new group member, get new members started training, etc. And the always stressful task of handling business issue, code word for money lol. And none of this includes real life, which is whole nother kettle of fish to handle.
This year is more special the added responsibility and demands of success. I am reading my man D.O. adventures and relating. Tasha has been gone for 2 weeks and has not stopped yet. She has 3 weeks to go and it is a non stop tour. Not to mention, she is not here and not relaxing.
Now this sounds like whining but it is not, just the facts. I love it all. lol well not all


Palin - the republican answer to Barack. I think they have jeopardized her promising future in a desperate ploy.
McCain - the republicans decided to give him his due instead of grooming a young gun to run against Clinton who became Obama. Bad move.
Barack - superstar on the rise. woefully in experienced but so good in front of the camera. Cannot tell a lie, I hate his economic philosophy, stressing me out really
Biden - beautiful VP choice for Barack who folks on both sides of the aisle were worried about in terms of foreign affairs and experience.

Barack will win this by about 6 points. I originally thought 3 and that still my come to pass, but it looks like 6 unless something dramatic happens.

It is college football season. Argh! No playoff, more upsets, more parody, and more irritation. what other sport do you watch the regular season and then stop caring?
UCLA will be in the final four AGAIN! yessir
Lakers have Bynum back. Trouble for you haters
And I have not figured out the NFL yet this season.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

DJ Thinks

Some thoughts about recent events off the top of my head.

USATF has a power struggle. It is multi leveled, the USOC wants to dismantle USATF and take it over. LDR wants more power and feels slighted by the sprints who dominate the landscape.
The Presidency is up for grabs this year, I am telling all of you out there to get to Reno and vote! Do not whine about the sport if you are not doing a damn thing to be involved.
USATF has to restructure, the board IS going from 19 to 9 and 4 of those spots will be non track spots. This is a good thing.
Youth track people, you have enough power and numbers to not need to be apart of the board decisions.
Masters you are loved for your passion but you are not mainstream or bringing anything to the table. Love you guys, I thought I would be a masters runner, and I always knew it would be for my enjoyment. Same for you.
USATF should be about the business of promoting the brand name, which means elite level participation.
This year and next year are very important years in the evolution.
Stephanie has taken serious personal attacks during this run for the top spot. It is ridiculous folks, I am not opining, I am telling you. This is for the USATF top spot not the POTUS, and some of you have gone after Steph as if her appointment will end your life. Get over yourselves.
Bob Bowman walks in the door with tremendous experience and insight. He is tough to ignore.
Dee I am not clear about so I will not pass an opinion to be fair.

Rest in Peace Louise Tricard. If you do not know who this lady is please google her. I met her on this thing we call the internet. I had no idea who she was when she started posting with us on the Spdkls board some ten years ago.

Barack is killing McCain. Wait, the truth is McCain is killing himself. Obama is such a sophomore this is a no brainer. When looked at seriously Obama is woefully inexperienced, yet he can talk, he brings a freshness to the politics, and McCain is weak personality wise. And the Palin move was stupid, period.

Time to get back on the grind.

College football is headed towards another mess. USC loses, Texas beats Oklahoma, the SEC is falling apart. The MW may be the strongest conference in the land but has no chance of getting that respect. DO not be surprised if we see another 2 loss SEC team vying for the title. Pathetic.

Bynum and Gasol are my front court. LOL We are coming to a town near you and we will be the show. Last year was a fluke.Once again the West is the strongest conference in the world.

I wanna work for Diddy. hahahahahahaha

get on facebook and find the wife, she has a new creative endeavor going this fall. Last year it was painting, this year it is well go check it out on facebook and on youtube.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DJ on life

I thought coaching multiple athletes was hard, but trying to get a 3 year old, high on SpeedRacer to go to bed is impossible. He is smart. so he knows how to turn on his TV, and he knows how to bargain and hustle for what he wants. LOL Looks like I am going to have to pull the hard face daddy move on him. He will whimper for ten minutes then pass out like someone flipped a switch.

my vacation is in transition. The rookies are in training. So the few days I spent thinking about last year are over. Last year, I had zero days off, I had started training before the Asian circuit if you can believe that.

it is hot here in the city of angels! and I love it. always rather be hot than cold.

Monday, October 6, 2008

DJ is off

The off season is a weird time for me. I want to sit and enjoy what happened, but my attention immediately shifts to what is coming. The preseason has started for me already. Writing workouts, and getting the rookies and not ready for prime players started. The cool part is I do not have to be so serious. Miss a day, postpone a session, no problem.

Now that is me. Behind the greatness of DJ is the little engine that could and she is always on in some form. I've done well in getting her to calm down for once. Check out the attached clip to see what goes down in the off season. A little insight into the lives of some of your favorite athletes when they are not running. Enjoy...

For more find her on facebook...