Saturday, January 24, 2009

President Obama

I wrote this wonderful blog on my phone and was unable to post it, so here is the revised version.

It is official, Barack Obama is the President of the United States (POTUS). Sweet! A very proud moment in history.
NOW, here is what I have to say. There are no more excuses. No one should be saying they cannot believe this day ever came. More importantly I do not have to worry about my children facing the insinuation that there is something they cannot do in life. If you think carefully, no one ever told you that you could not be president, it was actual us saying things such as, "One day you could be president" that led to the belief that we had roadblocks there. Unless you are 45 or older, you have not faced any obstacles to your success, especially if you were raised in the West.

Now while some of you are sitting there feeling I have rained on the parade, let me come around the mountain. I am delighted! I love the satisfaction folks like my parents, my uncle, and Brooks Johnson feel. See they lived through the stuff we have watched on TV. It is not a black and white image, the blood is not some different shade of gray, it was red. Emmit Till is not a still image in a casket, it was real and scary. The Watts Riots were not a documentary, my parents lived right there, my uncle was in school when those murders happened and Angela Davis was arrested. They fought for this day and loved through the bullshit that was our society in the 60s.

I want to give a big shout to my man Brooks and his new blog. He brings such history and knowledge to the table. You never realize what it means to be honest until you meet someone that is truly honest. He minces no words or opinions. I appreciate it, and I tend to agree with 95% of everything he says.

Oh track? Training is going well for everyone. I expect good seasons for all. And there are a few surprises in store for a few out there.
Here comes indoor season. Folks are on their way. We will sit out here and watch the festivities from afar.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

The calendar has changed and here we are in 2009. So what did I learn.

I learned that I attract a whole lot of attention when I write online. And folks always got something to say about what I write. This is what I learned from that, I am a grown ass man, with a healthy mind and have things to say. YOU do not dictate what I say or when I say it, just as I do not to anyone else.

I learned that I can compartmentalize my life. And that sucks. I do not want to have to break it up, but that is what I learned this year.

I learned I can coach my ass off. I am a coach, Damon! LOL I did it. I can say it like that because this is my first major medal and I hope every coach that achieves at least one appreciates the process it took.

I learned HOW to coach BETTER. Aw man, if only you knew how this year transformed my coaching. I still feel like a 12 year old working amongst men, but that is wearing off. How to coach is the key. I have other coaches asking me questions and I stress the how over the what. The what is easy. The what is in books all over the place. The how is not in a book and cannot be put in a book.

I learned that a man's life is a lonely road. I was told this numerous times in my life, and just when I thought I had experienced what it meant I learned it is even lonelier.

I learned how to love. Let me say something publicly to you all, I love my wife. I do. This will mean different things to different people, including her, but to me it just says I learned how to love this year. Which is a really strange realization to come to but it is the truth.

I learned how to be. This is still a work in progress.

What I did not learn.

I did not learn how to hate.
I did not learn what to coach.
I did not learn how to be loved. Huge difference between loving and being loved, and you have to learn how to be loved as well. I think this is the trickiest part for me but not how some of you are thinking.
I did not learn how to take. I have to work on this one.
I did not learn how to be negative. THANK GOD! I can't do pessimism, cynicism. It grates me. I have my own private pity parties, I do not have the strength to deal with anyone elses. I need light around me, vision, positivity.
I did not learn how to be on the top step of the podium. Give me time, I will get someone(s) there.

ok back to what I did learn.
I learned that our world is what I thought it has always been, a place of chance and opportunity. Barack is president. Never once in my life did I think it was impossible, I am glad everyone else knows this now. I learned that the sport is changing and it is a hard change but damnit it is a necessary one for sure!!!!
I learned that the West Coast is on another planet and it cost too much for athletes to call Cali when they need a coach. :) For those prospecting, the West Coast is attached to the United States. The calling rates are the same as all the other states. And I have a few open spots out here. Doesn't mean I am open to everyone, but there are a select few I will entertain. Email, call, send pigeons, whatever works for you. LOL Seriously.
I learned that 2009 is a great year for me. I spoke it and it is.