Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Recently I have been told that the NBA is fixed. It is a universal thing it seems. We all like to talk trash about our favorite team and root for them and we all get upset when they lose and occasionally scream about the inconsistencies in the calls. It is what we do as bball fans. And I have heard this from fans and haters across the board. For the record I am a Lakers fan, I do not pretend I am not, I am also a Kobe fan and I also am still pissed about the Shaq trade. We should have at least five rings right now. I digress.
The point is, the officiating this playoff has been suspicious. I am all about human error, but there are some obvious calls either not being made, or only being called at certain times. I am currently watching the Magic/Cavs game and so far I am pleased to say it is just a game undisturbed by the calls. Good for the East. Out West it remains a different story. A rule of thumb for those of you reading and wondering what I am talking about, if you start to notice the announcers talking about calls, or become familiar with the referees names, they are far too visible. Refs should be unknown when the game ends, no matter the result. I promise you any Lakers fan knows Steve Javie's name. And not because of just this year. The funny thing is he has been one of the more balanced referees in Lakers game's.
What I want. I want consistency in calls form game to game. I want them to let this be the playoffs and stop handing out flagrant fouls on routine, hard nose fouls in the playoffs. I want them to call the little hip push everyone defends Kobe with. I want the refs to be invisible. We should never watch a playoff game where the 2 teams combine for 70+ free throws. I can accept the Lakers losing when I know the refs did not influence the flow of the game and the tone of it. Unfortunately this series is reminding of when the Lakers used to play the Spurs, how well the Lakers do depends on how the refs call the game. This should never be the case, but for us Lakers fans it has been the case for years. I will never forget the year the Lakers played the Spurs and for the first 2 games Tony Parker ran right through the Lakers. If they touched him he got the call. I told everyone I knew then, the Lakers will win the series, just let me see how they call the game. Sure enough, Parker went to the hole, Shaq laid him on his back and there was no call. The Lakers won the series in 6 games.
I have a friend that told me after GAME ONE of this series, the NBA wants this to go seven games. I told him no way we are winning in five. After game three I told him "See!" He simply replied, "It is going seven". If you think I am a crazed Lakers fan just look at the Houston series and notice decidedly different game seven was called and how easily the Lakers won.
Ok that's my NBA rant. I am putting my rose colored glasses back on because I want to believe the games are decided on the floor by the teams. Yup.

Let's go Magic!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Refs!!!

Charles Barkley said it right, the refs are struggling. People like to pigeonhole me on this topic as if I am a blind Lakers supporter or Kobe backer. I am clearly a Lakers fan and a Kobe fan. However, when I say the refs suck I am talking both conferences and all throughout the playoffs. George Karl said it best, there is a lack of consistency.
Example, Denver beats on the Lakers for three quarters, at least on Kobe, then all of a sudden it is the fourth quarter and they start blowing the whistle left and right. This type of inconsistency is happening throughout the playoffs. It throws the rhythm of the game off and keeps the players guessing at what is going on.
As a Lakers fan I am too well versed on the non calls, such as the hip push, which seems to have become an acceptable defensive move but was an instant call in the Jordan days. If you think Kobe shoots a lot of free throws now just think if they called the hip push.

HOWEVER, I am enjoying the competitiveness of the playoffs. There are good games and high drama. Teams are battling to the wire and not giving up. This is what conference finals should look like.

At this time I would like to give a shout out to my man Robby Hughes, the die hard Lakers fan living out there amongst the enemy. I know you are keeping them honest Robbie. And to my favorite Nuggets fan out there in Florida, sorry we have to do it to you. LOL

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Been a minute. I will post to make sure I keep up. So...

Season is underway.

Carson was whack. Misplaced hurdles, cool weather, no atmosphere, and a lack of energy.

New York should be exciting.

Wariner returns to Hart.

I lost an athlete to the demands of life.

My son is growing up and it is amazing.

Kobe and LeBron are headed for a collision.

Lakers are the best team in basketball. If they play like it, we win.

Here comes the summer, the road to Berlin is about the HOT up!

Obama is still president hahahahahaha.

I still hate baseball but enjoy the fact that the Dodgers are playing well.

Be back one of these days

Sunday, May 10, 2009

In real

The season has kicked off and I am excited, anxious, and confident about it. The usual

Watching Tiger try to win the TPC at Sawgrass.
Waiting for the beat down the Lakers are putting on Houston.
Here comes the Home Depot meet. I will be spectating for the most part as most of my crew will be resting and running elsewhere.
Ryan is off to experience the Brazilian circuit for a week. Jonathan is going back to Ponce. Tasha has traveled enough, it is time to train. However, Kai and Candice will be in action in Carson.

Off the track my Lakers are working hard at making this championship run interesting. I am weary of the lack of calls my boys get, and it is not just this year, it is every year. Kobe should be averaging 10 free throws a game. Where are the Jordan rules when you need them? The little push in hip on his jumpers, hindering his follow through, to outright slaps and smacks that go uncalled. I especially love when the experts say the Lakers need to go to the hole, why? They go to the hole, draw contact and get no calls. Yet, they are still winning this thing. Folks are all up in arms about Denver and Cleveland. Watch what happens when Denver faces the Lakeshow and not Dallas.

Where is football when you need it???