Monday, October 3, 2011

Blog about my last blog

How interesting, my last blog was linked by Track and Field News, which was cool because it was unexpected.  I have written other things I wish were linked, oh wait I never posted those LOL.
A few people have written me saying how they enjoyed the stories.  I am glad I have them to share.  Maybe someday I will write a book, or a series of stories about my adventures in Track and Field.  In the meantime, i will continue on my varied blog.  Talking and posting and ranting and observing.  For example...

What a tremendous end to the season.  The Diamond League ended with a bang.  I enjoyed the meet a lot.  BUT the negative is the powers that be will walk away believing their league is a success.  It is not.  It is a decent blueprint but needs some fine tuning to say the least.  What I would appreciate the most is a circuit and some rules that are more athlete and fan friendly. 
While we all understand what pays the bills, television, it is unhealthy and destructive to make rules that are and events that seem more geared towards TV, than the betterment of the product.  I know, I know, don't say too much or rock the boat.  Welp, since I am going to ride in this boat I will comment on the boat.  I am willing to offer up some elbow grease.
What catches my attention the most is the strictness of the rules that govern the sprints over most other events.  And for the life of me I do not understand the logic in it.  We all know the show events, 1500, 100, shot put.  Yes, mostly an American construct but from what I have seen it is a lot more universal than many care to admit.  As of late, the straight away events have carried the sport in the entertainment realm.  So why the draconian rule making?  Why almost ensure losing star power, as we saw in Daegu?  A completely avoidable occurrence, that most see as just a consequence of the sport.  Far from it folks, it was a consequence of a bad rule change that served no real purpose other than to hold sprinters responsible for lost TV time.
I have summarized a complicated issue for a purpose.  To show the general interpretation of the "business" rule changes.  While I am positive TV had a serious issue with the false start delays, I am equally as sure the No False Start rule was overkill.  Money is on the line, this is not comparable to a state championship nor a collegiate championship.  Usain Bolt lost 60k to that false start.  Some think he was trying to cheat, others think he was scared of Blake, I think he was just a sprinter trying to get the perfect start and perfect race, in his quest to make history, AGAIN.  I could prattle on for a few more paragraphs, but I will save that for a separate blog. 
Ok now I am ready for the season to start again.  I may even muster up some excitement about indoors.  NAW! lol

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