Saturday, November 5, 2011

With age comes wisdom

"Age ain't nothing but a number!"  One thing age teaches you is that this is a cliche of young people hoping to get old enough to become wise enough to realize this is untrue, and the other thing age teaches you is that this quote is just a catchy Aliyah song LOL.  Never has this been truer in my life than this birthday week of mine.
I had a great birthday.  The week started with the USATF Coaches summit where I have been going for almost 20 years to acquire the science that enables me to be a better coach to my athletes.  It ended with watching 2 friends be inducted in the UCLA Hall of Fame.  Life is blessed.
Now I had 3 critical conversations this week, that I never planned on having, 2 of which I had long ago written off as to NEVER having.  Things happen in life, and as I stated in my previous post, we grow apart from some people in our lives.  A few of these people I had banished to the no-not-never zone.  Like I said with age comes wisdom.  The fantastic reminder was God will reach out to you from places you least expect it.  Boy if that wasn't ever true. HA!
SO the first convo I had came from left field but it was directly related to the 2nd convo, which is the only one I figured I would be having, I just did not realize it would be this week.  See I had been dreading this conversation, simply because I had no idea how to have to talk.  I was too angry, too hurt, and wanted my pound of flesh, as it were.  So I waited.  I waited until the time came to me where I could have the conversation in a construction or non destructive way.  It took roughly 2 years. 
Now the wisdom is in the message from the 1st convo that allowed me to have the 2nd convo.  I will use another cliche, I was cutting off my nose to spite my face.  Or throwing the baby out with the bath water.  I was allowing my frustration to fester into petulance and I was called on it in a direct but useful way.  I will share the key point of the convo because wisdom has taught me that somethings are meant to given away.  The question was simple, would you give up 5% to better your 95%?  BAM!  A light went off in my head.  Just like that 2 years of "How?" was solved.  In the moment I was overvaluing my 5% at the expense of bettering my 95%.  Everything else in the conversation followed that theme and I was instantly happier and could not wait to have the 2nd convo.  I had it the first chance I got, and it was finally done.  I am truly focused on my 95% which allowed for me to receive the 3rd convo.
The 3rd convo would have NEVER happened prior to these previous convos.  And both of us knew it.  But it did, and I received a wonderful message on a fantastic night.  Yes my friend, people grow apart but that does not diminish what was for me in any way.  I traveled this earth and saw some fantastic things.  I got better as a coach, and learned nuggets of info along the way.  Those memories are never far from me.
I am amazed at how my previous blog about the HSI days struck some people.  I was just recounting what I always assumed were general memories, boy I was mistaken.  Wisdom!  People do not remember, retain, nor cherish what you cherish.  Share those memories and you may bring some sunshine to an acquaintances day without you ever realizing it.
Alright, I am off to finish my birthday week, it is ending with a smile, and an opportunity.  Man this life thing is great.  I wonder what I will write about next?  Hmmm, maybe about the NOW instead of the past, yeah maybe...

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