Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Red Carpet

Before every show there is the red carpet, well here is the red carpet report from DJ...

The flight was booked months ago, JS and my itineraries said flight time 1315. Everyone else in the group was 1420. Cool. Well I get to the airport, my customary 2 hours early, I hate to rush, having checked in online all I had to do was drop my bags. Gravy. Well I look at me ticket and it says boarding time 1350. Huh? Flight time 1420. Wow! I looked at the lady and said how come my itinerary said 1315, she shrugged. So much for customer service. So in true european fashion I found JS and we chilled at the terminal for 2.5 hours. LOL

The flight was uneventful, small plane, you know the one. Left side has one seat, right side has 2. Yes they fly those in the states.

Any one that has been to Eugene, ORE knows the airport is tiny. So they manage to not send out Torri's bag, well one of them. There were three passengers missing luggage, 2 of them were found in 2 minutes. Thankfully Torri was one of them. They have a policy here, a bag makes three trips around and they take them off. Well, Torri's bag never made one rotation, and neither did the other man's.

So here we are, in the hotel, waiting for the lights to dim and the opening act to start...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

DJ Battle time!

The week is here. It is now or never. Talk about pressure. I have been waiting for this for three weeks now. Nothing is right, nothing is perfect, but that is what makes it so special. That question about your ability to get er dun! I ask this question of myself everyday, and it is the very question that drives me, thrills me, and pushes me.

This weekend I saw my wife return to action and it was less than anticipated. Now we could mope about it but for what? She has been on the mend, and this was a test run, a run to get her back in the swing of things and let us know where we are. We now know. Just as we did last summer we go to work, getting ready for her nationals and the Games. Mentally she is good and that is all I need.
Tyrone Edgar has announced himself as the new kid on the British sprint scene. I knew he would run this fast when I first talked to him and watched him run, but of course, thinking it and doing it is 2 different things. 10.20 into a 1.8 is a serious run. He then was the star of his relay team, staking a claim to second leg. We do not know where he will be used in Beijing but we will be on the track. The kid is good, and he will be a name to talk about by the time August comes. Makes me feel good because he has risen up through the ranks and not been the child star, just a hard worker that has all the tools.
Asafa Powell returned to action, 9.96. Welcome back.
Darrel Brown ran into Richard Thompson and fell down. WHAT?! Inexcusable in a 100.
D.O. dropped me another 13.10. I see you D.O. I see you. Keep running, I like you and your coach. D.O. has laid down the gauntlet.
Side note, how come Asafa and Usain are selling us that their national champs is not a showdown? Let us have 2 9.7x sprinters, Eugene would be the OK Corral. We create warriors, who are never afraid to battle.
Hey Tyson, what are you going to run this weekend? I will ask your coach. I need a 9.7x so these jock riders can recognize why you possess the gold.
Oh and just in case folks out there think I am selling out my own, never. I expect certain folks to step up and realize their true potential, and I will tell them as much. ;)
Welcome back Torri! 10.94 is right on time, literally. She chose a different approach this year and it is paying off. Talk about someone that earned their keep, you guys have no idea.
Doc Patton holding it down for the elders!
Which one of the young guns will step up?
More soon, I will post a couple of blogs this week.

Congrats to the UK team for finishing first and third at European Cup this weekend. Now UK women take up a collection for breaking my woman's camera and phone in the celebration. That stuff was beyond our budget!!!!! Grr...
It is hot as hell in LA this weekend, 100+, I love it!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

DJ says


12.87! Blame D.O. he titled his blog that and Robles took it literally. As well we all should. What an amazing couple of weeks in track.
Bolt shatters all preconceived notions of what it takes to be a good 100m sprinter.
Jelimo runs 1:54.99, the first sub 1:55 in over a decade.
And Robles drops us 12.87 form the sky.

Now we are cooking with Crisco. With trials a few weeks away the heat is rising. I am watching the NCAA meet and the semi final produces 13.25, 13.29, and 13.39. From 1998 to 2003 that 13.39 would have won. The final did not live up to the hype but it was nice. 13.40 by junior Jason Richardson was a nice victory. I am disappointed Craddock was unable to compete (hurt hip), he would have added an interesting element to that final. Good job JRich.

Is Walter Dix as talented as hyped?

Richard Thompson looked promising. Lots of tools and an upside.

I cannot wait for trials, I need to get on the road, it is a break form reality for me, fun is what most people call it. I need some fun. The smell of victory, the emotion of making the team, the thrill of success! If you cannot feel that you are dead.

I am coming to see you all in Oregon, good luck to everyone, even those in the events I coach. There are three spots, I just require one. ;-D

Monday, June 9, 2008


It is June folks, welcome to the Terrordome!!!

This is what it is all about. This is where we all get to see if our words, thoughts, and actions earn us our dream. If you are not feeling it by now you will never feel it.

Props to my man Brooks, and to his protege D.O. for taking it back to the lab and getting ready for the show. I see you.

I am rarely happy about false starts and dq's but it was good to see Xiang get nailed for his rolling start, he does it habitually. I do not think he jumped out on purpose, as some have whispered.

In 3 weeks time we all will be back in Eugene to make dreams reality. Whew!

In the meantime there are a number of European meets where the competition will be gearing themselves up waiting for the Americans to finish playing with each other.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

DJ's Opinion

Congratulations Usain Bolt!
Lightning Bolt strikes New York!
Bolt storms to Record!
Any of these titles would have been great to see Monday morning. Even Gay struck by Bolt. We watched one of the greatest sprint performances in history, and the moment was stolen by the drug scandals of the sport. The celebrations of the Jamaican fans were ignored in lieu of writers rehashing quotes and stories of the past 5 years.
There were a few reports about just the record run and the subsequent elation, but all of those stories were relegated to the smaller publications or Jamaican papers. One prominent US paper thought it news worthy to outright question the performance. Not even a day of praise was allowed before the questions started.
Now, a week later we are still bombarded by drug stories over the actual performance.

And all of this while numerous meets are happening.

We are in the final month, by the first week in July most the major Olympic teams will be chosen. For US athletes the next 2 weeks will conclude their competitive time, most will go home and make the final preparations for their dream push. Fun time folks.

In my next blog I might actually talk about my pet event, the hurdles. I avoid it most of the time because I am trying to keep my secret weapons secret. LOL

See ya soon

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Barack Obama has clinched the nomination for POTUS of the democratic party. A black man will run for president and it should be noted in all our minds. Our parents and grandparents thought this day would never come. For my generation our grandparents and parents lived through the civil rights movement, I am sure in some cases marched in protest.
The most astounding thing for me is his power. Chris Rock once told a joke in his stand up, "he speaks so well..." yes he does. The man has a power in his voice that is unrivaled. He can move you to tears while simultaneously giving you strength and energy to do anything, all the while instilling confidence. We started this trek with Jesse Jackson back in 1984, and for 20 years figured it would be a reverend or some other black leader to step up and take the chance. Boy were we wrong. He is a career politician with a varied background, that we in the black community are used to.

In stark contrast to Barack's dignity, we have Hillary Clinton placing herself before the process, and the over the party. Instead of graciously admitting defeat, she has not conceded, and is making a play for the vice presidency. As has been the case throughout this campaign the Clinton's have defied the parties wishes and put their name before the party, the people and the country.
One day people will wake up and see the Clinton's for what they have always been, selfish, power mongers.

Congrats Barack Obama, you have officially made history. I am glad it did happen in my lifetime.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hey DJ!

My ode to the islands, "Ring the alarm! Another sound is dying...."

Wow, Usain Bolt announced himself to the world last night. To us track heads this kid has been around since he dropped 19.93 at the age of 16 on us. I still say he would have won the 200 in 2003 if they would have entered him. Welp, now he is the odds on favorite for the gold in Beijing.
As a pure fan that was great to watch. I have only enjoyed races like that from those I am connected to, i.e. KYoung, Mo Greene, KFerg last year running Home Depot, Tasha in the semi finals last year, etc. The young man is a phenom, and it is always nice to see the human being go places we once believed mythical.

So I went to sleep with all of that to think over and woke up to watch LaShawn Merritt fulfill some people's dreams by beating Jeremy. Great race by both men. It was nice to see Merritt step it up and win it. It was better watching the two of them battle to 44.0x. People are so caught up in the victory they missed the fact that there has never been a race outside of a major this fast and this close.
Now I will tell you what I did not like, the celebration by the other runners, as if the evil king was vanquished. That was amateurish and did not look good on the broadcast. Merritt should have turned smiled, shook JW's hand, and took his victory lap. Any shit talking and high fiving is reserved for intimate settings. Instead you gave JW a bullet back in his gun. And why? Because he is the best and only LM has stepped up to challenge him in the last three years? Track is like any other game, beat em and you do not have to be jealous of their success.

It is an Olympic year. If you did not know it let me help you out real quick;
David Oliver (D.O.) kicked it off for us with a 12.95.
Bolt screamed in with a 9.76.
Damu Cherry laid down a 12.47.
Veronica Campbell 10.91.
Muna Lee gave us a windy 21, and now has run 10.97.
Saladino opened his season with 8.73m.
And now Bolt has run an unimaginable 9.72, followed by Tyson running 9.85 in his second 100 of the season.
LM and JW run to 44.03-44.07 thriller.

Yup it is that time people. What will come next? Will something happen at Pre or will we be on hold until Jamaican and US trials?