Friday, November 28, 2008

Free DJ

This one will be long, so if you are a skimmer feel free.
I am bitter sweet. A long time mentor and coach finally started blogging and he is killing them with information! It is fair to say the coach is a better blogger than the athlete, lol!

I am so frustrated with the USATF process. I have been trying to go for over five years now to the convention and can never get there, it cost too damn much. Athletes do not know this because they get their trips paid for. I cannot find that vehicle for myself. Sucks! I want to be involved but will be on the outside looking in once again.
For some this is a good thing, but for me I like information and I like being informed when I do hold an opinion, which I always have. Just ask my wife.
If you are reading this I am telling you to vote for Stephanie Hightower for President. If you are a sprinter/hurdler you have no choice. I hate the faction war, but I know it is time for us to have a voice in power and not a backroom voice. We have plenty of behind the scenes power, that is always backed up by the collection of medals we bring home every year.
Read this These blogs speak directly to the criticisms and allegations floating out there.

Obama won, just in case anyone forgot. :)

The country, sorry the world is in an economic downturn, period. If you are foolish enough to think it is a US problem you are not paying attention. The exchange rate has dropped almost 60 cents to the pound.

Practice has started. Love it. Back to my reality, or is it my fantasy??? I no longer think there is a difference. The girls are doing well and learning. The guys are doing the same. And everyone is fit. Now to load them up and make them quit. LOL

This is the time of year I HATE college football, yet it remains my favorite team sport. The BCS is a joke and not having a playoff is inexcusable.

How bout dem Lakers!!! Just give us our rings already.

Monday, November 24, 2008

DJ Slippin

My blog game has been weak lately. Not sure it will pick up but I will be around. lol

Barack. Just wanted to remind you all.

No track meets. Just the marathons and road races (where the real money is)

Went to TMobile to see when the Bold was coming out. Never! TMobile will not have a new Blackberry for at least 6 months, and that is a maybe. Need to get the wife on BBM quick, she travels too much to keep texting and emailing and skype-ing

Next week is the USATF conference. Can a coach get a free trip too? I have been tryingt o get to the convention for five years now, and it always boils down to economics. Actually quite frustrating because I actually WANT to be involved, unlike most I know.

Lots of movement this offseason, wow! some surprising some pleasant and some just plain baffling. Look folks, if you run the marathon do not go to a long jump coach, thats all I am trying to say.

Dayron Robles won performance of the year. Now we all know I LOVE the hurdles. But this is a joke. 12.87 bested the wr by .01. Bolt posted a 9.69 complete with celebration and a stunning 19.30.
Isinbayeva won athlete of the year. Negative! Jelimo was hands down the best woman on the year. The times she posted this season have not been seen in 25 years!!!!!! Are you kidding me? The girl is a junior, just turned 18!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Its that time of year. Reestablishing the routines that breed success in the summer. It starts today.
I am more than happy with the make up of the group. The new faces have brought the right attitude, demeanor, and talent. It is gong to be fun watching them all develop. We are international again.
I want to send my man K Ferg off with my blessings and well wishes. He is embarking on his next evolution and that is cool with me, I just want my man to reach his potential. If you need me Ferg just hit me up.
The wife is returning from London as an entire institution LOL. Many of you here in the States do not know it, but she went home and got on the grind, she accomplished a lot of goals over the last 4 or 5 weeks and I am proud of her. Look for her book coming out soon.
Obama won. I really have a plethora of thoughts on it, but there is no need to elaborate. He won and that has said enough. I look forward to watching him perform.
Lakers are 7-0.
Al Davis is killing my mood.
Jerry Jones is confused of what his job actually is.
When is AI going to get a haircut?
The new event in track and field is "Where is your favorite athlete training now?" LOL

Sunday, November 2, 2008

DJ BDay Shout outs!

It is my birthday tomorrow, November 3rd, and I decided to give on this blog on my day. A few folks and what they mean to me on my day.

Mom and Dad! without you there is no me. The obvious. But it has been the other stuff that I thankful, the stuff that makes them who they are and enabled them to stay together their whole lives without any major hiccups. My mom was 16 when she had me, got married 2 years later and they have never blinked! 36 years and the rock of the family.

My brothers. Daimar and Dion. Just because those are my bro's. We are years apart so we never had the brotherly connection that most have but I will kill you over them, do not get confused. LOL

Martin Beck. I miss you man. He is not dead, just been living in Houston for about ten years now. Married with child, who would have thunk it lol!

Tasha D. My chick. My athlete. My medalists. She holds a special place that would take too many words to explain. And yes, I will kill you over her too. I have her back through thick and thin for better or worse, I got her in all her ways not just the good stuff. And I am not afraid to let her know it. She needs something I am there.

Jaden, Ricky, Aysia. This is what love is about. No bells and whistles. As long as I am alive they love me. As long as I live I will love them. Hurt them in anyway and I will hunt you for the rest of your days. Seriously.

Ryan, Kenny, Jonathan, Tasha (second shout). Thank you for trusting me to help make your dreams a reality. Thank you for believing in me when you had very little reason to.

To my other athletes. Same as above, but had to shout out the OG's above.

john Smith. Uncle John or just John to me. Saw the potential in me when I was out of track and thinking about corporate life. Probably the dumbest decision I ever made but you know what, I have been to every major continent on this earth and have yet to buy my own ticket!!! Thank you John for making my dreams come true.

Maurice Greene. That was a fun ride.

Mike Powell. My boy for life. Hated him for beating Carl in 1991 when I was still a Carl fan, but a little knowledge will change your thinking. MP is my man for whatever I need.

Allen Johnson. Wished I had coached you, but man it was fun watching you do your thing

Marie jose Perec. La Gazelle.

Lloyd Cowan. Mr. Hustle.

Terrence Trammell. Thanks for being real and honest.

God. If I have to explain you are living in denial.

Dave Collins. Flew me everywhere for every meet the last three years. lol Believed in what I had to say to pick Tasha for the Olympics this year.

John Trower. See Dave Collins.

Tomorrow I will be 38. Nice. See growing up it was all about 2000, and the end of days. We are all supposed to be dead. LOL I used to wonder what it would be like to be an adult, look old, be called mister, I am still wondering LOL. I cannot believe I am 38. Let me tell you, life doe snot miraculously change. You have to change it otherwise you will look up and still be that same 20 something fool.
I will wake up tomorrow, dress myself and Jaden, drop him at school, and go to practice for the first day of training. And without an ounce of embarrassment I will miss my wife all day long. Be sure to tune into ChoiceFM ( at 10PM PST.