Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twitter, Kettlecorn, and Training

Twitter is the new craze. Why? I have a twitter, and I love following Shaq, he is a funny guy, and has good gimmicks, like the first 8 people to come up and touch me get tickets to tonight's game. I love Twitter because my man Jay Hicks at PreRaceJitters and the folks over at trackshark and on track news, keep me posted on ALL the meets as fast as they can get the information. I am spoiled in that sense.
Some folks need to be banned from Twitter. I just do not need to know your every step, and I am sorry, every moment of your day was not superfantabulous! LOL

Whoever created kettle corn should be arrested and tried for witch craft! That's all I have to say about that.

Training is going well. The IR list is low, which is always a good sign. Work is quantitative and filled with quality. If you have never heard good words from your coach, you need to be around me right now! I am looking forward to competing. And I cannot wait until June. April and May will be heat checks, as we get ready for the dance. April is just look sees and the real fireworks start in May. :)

My son is four. His mom decided she wanted him to be sports, so he just started Tee Ball. He had his first game Saturday. I do not think he will hold on to baseball but it is fun watching him do him. He played with the dirt most of the time, watched the ball go by a couple of times until told he could pick it up (obedience lol), and smacked the hell out of it when he was at bat. I cannot wait for football and basketball season. I do NOT like baseball, snore!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WADA is rightt

How's this for irony, I am defending WADA. I would have never thunk it.

Now that other sports, tennis, soccer, cycling have signed the WADA code, they are required to provide their whereabouts as track athletes have had to for years. With their inclusion has come criticism of the new whereabouts code. Athletes have to designate one hour a day for random testing. This has prompted a lawsuit in Belgium, numerous complaints from tennis stars, and recently a rebuke from soccer authorities.

Listen folks, the problem is not in the whereabouts. It is a needed inconvenience and I for one am not sympathetic to the complaints of the whereabouts. It is a necessary step, and with all privilege comes responsibility. Drug testing is a must. Whereabouts is a must. So deal with it. I coach numerous athletes, and I live with one. Her testing time is 6am which means when she gets tested I am awaken also. Big deal. No one gets tested everyday, athletes are rarely tested more than once a quarter. We sleep well, and do more to ourselves than an rare visit from a drug tester.

The other argument presented is that the effort put into whereabouts should be directed towards better testing. This is not an either/or circumstance, it is an "and" situation. Better testing is does not mean we can ease up on whereabouts. We needed a better tracking system and we have it. Now we need to upgrade the testing system. They are not mutually exclusive but bedfellows in every sense. You cannot ave one without the other.

What has come to light is the astounding gap between cheats and testers. I have read almost every article out there, and I am looking forward to reading Dwain's book. These tell all's give great insight into what and how and when and where. Victor Conte's letter to Dwain detailing the protocol they had was eye popping. It makes it seem as though catching the cheats is an impossible task. Angel Heredia was interviewed and admitted he was still working with other athletes outside of the US because it was easier. So I am left asking what can the labs do? What can the testers do?
I know what I can do. Keep working hard and doing it the right way. I have a medal from 2008 and a young group that will generate more success. Even if doing it right means achieving personal best and being better athletes, that is what it will be. However, I know different. It takes a little longer and a lot of hard work. That's what I love about it all, the cheaters still lose, they get caught, and I will be here to see my people succeed.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

And so it begins

Cerritos is in the books! The weather didn't cooperate but it was workable considering the week. We went on with no break and just ran some races.
Jonathan Williams and Kai Kelley ran the 110s. A little in camp battle never hurt anyone. 13.90 in the final. It was a classic battle as they were step for step every hurdle. Both are working on things, so it was encouraging. Jonathan is out to prove I should train him in the highs more, and I am still evaluating Kai.
Tasha opened her outdoor campaign up with another 800. I am very pleased with the run considering she asked to run on Tuesday, I had no plans for her to run anything. So with a full week of training in her legs, she cranked out a 2:08.67. You can see it on her Facebook page.
Now we are on to the next week, back to training and getting ready for the summer. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, it was hard watching my Bruins go out that way. Kevin Love would have made a world of difference, damn. So I am left to wait for next year, those freshmen we have will be great. I am a little frustrated with Ben Howland sitting most of the freshman. He reminds me of Phil Jackson, they have a philosophy and they stick to it, win or lose. We have a seven footer sitting on the bench. A kid that decided between UCLA and the NBA. I guess this is Ben's way of resolving the one hitter quitter syndrome.
Maybe because I am not a Big East fan, but the tourney is not holding my attention as it usually does. I normally find a team to adopt like a Kansas, or even UNC or whoever is playing Duke. But not this year.

The IAAF is still campaigning for no false starts. Expect it to happen, they are fighting too hard for this to happen.

Friday, March 20, 2009

What I think

Friday, March 20, 2009IAAF eyes continued Chambers ban
Associated Press BERLIN -- Athletics chiefs may discuss how to stop British sprinter Dwain Chambers from running even though his doping ban long has expired.
Chambers, who won the European 60-meter indoor title earlier this month, has published an autobiography, in which he provides details from years of systematic doping that left him a "walking junkie."
"The question is how to stop him from running," said Nick Davies, spokesman for the International Association of Athletics Federations.
The IAAF's legal experts have been studying Chambers' book, "Race Against Me: My Story," to see whether the sprinter can be excluded for "bringing the sport into disrepute."
"He is free to run, he's served his ban. Now, our experts have to see whether he can be banned under this clause," Davies told The Associated Press ahead of an IAAF Council meeting this weekend in Berlin.
Under IAAF rules, an athlete can face penalties, including a competition ban, if found to have brought the sport into disrepute. The experts will first address the issue with the advisory board, which will then decide whether to include it in the agenda of the council meeting.
A suspension could keep Chambers from competing at the world championships in Berlin in August against Olympic champion and world-record holder Usain Bolt.
It is far from clear whether the experts will advise any action against Chambers or whether the executive committee would accept their recommendations or indeed even raise the subject at all, Davies said.
Chambers' 60-meter title was his first major individual trophy since he served a two-year ban related to the BALCO doping scandal.
But the victory was largely overshadowed by the fallout from his book, which has been serialized in the British media.
Chambers wrote that he had been taking more than 300 different concoctions of banned substances after linking up with BALCO founder Victor Conte in 2002. The doping products -- including THG, EPO and HGH -- cost him $30,000 a year, Chambers wrote.
The 30-year-old sprinter broke the European 60-meter indoor record by running 6.42 seconds in the semifinals, then won the title in 6.46 in the final in Turin, Italy.
Chambers dismissed speculation that he might be benefiting from residual effects of 18 months of massive use of doping products before he was caught and said he has been passing drug tests.
He tested positive for THG in 2003, becoming the first athlete connected to Conte to test positive for the previously undetectable steroid.
Under British rules, he remains banned for life from the Olympics. Organizers of European meets have promised not to invite athletes with past doping bans but the chief of Berlin's ISTAF meet, the first event in the Golden League series, has said he might allow Chambers to run in June.
British track and field chiefs have confirmed Chambers will not be part of the 400-meter relay team at the worlds in Berlin because he is ineligible for future Olympics, although he can run in the individual event.
The IAAF has ordered Chambers to pay back his prize money from the time he was doping. He still owes about $150,000.
Among other topics to be discussed by the council are ways of possibly streamlining some events and their presentations to make them more television-friendly, Davis said.
No major final decisions are expected, he said.

So my interpretation of this is simple. The IAAF got their feelings hurt and are lashing out at Dwain. Their vehicle for vengeance is this "disrepute" clause.
The question that comes to my mind is, does Dwain's book differ in any way from the IAAF always calling someone a drug cheat? Or not having a viable marketing plan? OR not developing a meet in the States? OR awarding the World Champs to places that do not have a track following? OR pursuing this issue altogether?

Dwain is telling his truth. It is ok for him to tell all about his drug program and what Victor did, and Remi did, and he did, and they are praying he tells what other athletes did, but just don't talk about them??? You can't ask for the truth but in limited doses. You can't blackmail athletes by promising them leniency for cooperation in catching the drug cheats but cry foul when that trail starts to point back at you. And you definitely cannot call foul when the athlete lashes out at what he felt was wrong doing on a personal level.
Maybe he should not have said it in his book but that is his right and FREEDOM to do. This is a great example of what is wrong at the core of the sport. This is a great moment for us as we grow and become more professional. We may not like who turned on the light(s) but we should be glad they are coming on. Now the question is who will scatter for cover now?

That's what I think about this mess, it is ridiculous and should be dropped. Censorship is what it is. If they ban Dwain, expect him to sue them and win!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where have I been?

There's a lot of information out there to write about and I do not have a single clue as to what I am going to write about. Oh it just came from the air!
Everyone tune into http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tashadanvers and http://www.blogtalkradio.com/buildingonbronze. On Sunday Tyree Washington came on the show and talked about his new campaign, Killaroid, but more importantly he talked about the effect drug cheats have had on his career.
Jerome Young was his friend and competitor, and cost him a moment and money. It was enlightening and informative.
Meanwhile, the indoor season ended, FINALLY! And the outdoor season is about to kick off. Time for relays folks.
There is an interesting phenomenon this time of year, all the sprinters run relays, and all the hurdlers run their races. For the most part this holds true.

I think I have run out of things to talk about. Oh, Jaden started baseball practice. GREAT stuff to watch four year olds run around and grown people talk to them like they really know what is going on and like they really care. Some classics from practice, "Stop kicking the dirt!" "Stop playing around and stay in line!" followed by "The next person playing around is going to run!" LMAO I just stood there with a small on my face and made sure Jaden kept having fun.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have spent the last few months bashing the living daylights out of everything Doug Logan has done. It is only right I give him credit where it is due. I like his conclusions from the P30 report. They were logical, and sensible. I am still wondering where the money from the relay project is going and how he plans to handle the relay meets, but overall I think his recommendations were fair and promising.
We do need change and it will not be easy, I just want to ensure it is not changes based on someone's agenda, and what is best for USATF and track and field.

Athletes, get a union quick.

Kobe mania has struck! You either love him or hate him. Both sides are maniacal LOL I love him and think he is the best ever. Folks try to argue but it just is. I wish the Jordan rules were still in effect, Kobe would shoot 20 freethrows a game. LOL

Training is going well. I am pleased with everyone's progress and levels. We have a good feeling over here. Last time I felt this way I came home with a bronze medal, a medal no one expected. As my man Heavy D sang, "It's that time again!"

Dwain Chambers. Need I say more? Hahahaha. He has exposed the IAAF for who they are and they are after him with everything they have. No meets and now they are trying to ban him for what his book says. Oh but wait, Berlin has invited him to the meet. Uh oh! A chink in the armor. Only person I can remember serving a 2 year ban for 6 years while competing. LOL The European indoor champ has one meet in Europe, and may not be allowed to run at Worlds.

Here in the States we are facing a budget crisis. In Cali they are threatening to fire 9000 education employees, including 5500 teachers. Amazing.

American Idol is boring! but I like the new format with the one judges save. No more Jennifer Hudson fiascos.
ANTM needs to dump Tiffany. She runs her mouth too much and is weak and whack.
I Love Money 2 is the best reality show out. The alliance competition is dramatic and entertaining. I think it hilarious the main alliance is pissed because the others formed their own alliance and dumped one of them. Classic.
Bad Girls Club. Now the fact that this show has no other purpose than to cause drama and show that drama is enough to irritate you. But when five of the girls jumped one girl and then spent a whole night gloating about it, that was top notch reality TV. The saving grace was they sent 2 of the girls home. Sadly I must admit it felt good to watch them leave. LOL Boston was just full of it and Ailea needs to be admitted to an insane asylum.
24 is still the best. It is Jack time!
Heroes is dragging it out and killing me. I am trying to keep up but they are testing me. Never seen a show waste an hour like Heroes can.
Is there anyone as cool as Horatio on CSI Miami!

On a side note: are there any Americans at the USOC training center in Chula Vista LMAO

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Your perspective will dictate your opinion

Man I am tired of the negative. Project 30 is a lie. Forget the actual bias of the panel, we need to only look at the premise behind the formation of the panel. The US failed in Beijing. From here we have had the axing of the relay program. We have a full assault on the preparation of the sprinters. The problem is this is misdirected and ill conceived.
The relays won 2 out of four golds. The sprint relays dropped the stick, it happens. Period. The relay program itself was extensive and did all the things the panel claims they are in favor of and in need of. But what led to this opinion of failure. Logan goes so far as to say no one can look at Beijing and say this was an aberration. With all due respect, that is a stupid comment. It most assuredly was a blip. Nothing more nothing less. He has no factual basis to make this comment.
No jumper won a medal! Not one long jumper made the final. If that is not an aberration I do not know what is. In 2007, we won all four gold medals in the relays and last year we dropped the stick, looks like a blip to me.
The problem is the premise behind the panel. Why was this review board convened? Since all the talk has been about the relays I am led to believe it is the dropped sticks and the $1 million dollars (spread over 6 years by the way). Not the failure of the jumpers, there was nothing said to address the jumping woes in the report. Not the distance failures, which is truly where it was not a blip. Just something about those 2 batons on the ground.
We are supposed to forget that in the 100,200 and 4x100 a wr was set to win. In the men 400 we SWEPT. We won both 4x400 relays. We are supposed to ignore all the injuries to the athletes. Just know that the relay program has been scrapped, freeing up a million dollars.

My second pet peeve is Dwain Chambers. It is time to leave him alone. He has a book tomorrow which I cannot wait to read. He is the European champ and record holder now. He was busted in 2003, returned to the track in 2006. Can we please just get back to track? The acronyms are working overtime to get this man out of the sport, and I for one say let him run and if he is dirty he will stumble again. The end. Move on for all of our sakes. The latest row is from the IAAF who are threatening to ban him and end his career if they can prove his book has put the sport in ill-repute. LOL Censorship is the word. Overt threat to all athletes is what it is. Athletes you all need to pay attention. This is way beyond Dwain and drug cheating, this is about control. Pay attention.

Meanwhile, in keeping with my positive theme. Kudos to Logan for challenging the Jamaicans to a home and home dual meet. I am excited just thinking about it. I am disappointed in the few Jamaican fans I have talked to online who seem to think this is sour grapes and it is just a ploy to take the Jamaicans down because they are on top. Foolishness. This is good old fashioned competition. This is what breeds champions and performances. This is appealing to the American public. It is not personal, it is sport.
It does not matter if the best of the best do not show up the allegiances will push the competition and the performances and feed the future. TV will have easy story lines to write, as we are fed more and more images of Bolt whipping the Americans ass in Beijing, Asafa crossing the line as they take down the US wr in the 4x100. The three yellow vest crossing the line in front of Americans in the women's 100. Veronica Campbell beating the American sweetheart, Allyson Felix. It is a great marketing ploy that can fuel a generation of track.
Do not underestimate the country battle, all you ever need to do is travel to Penn relays and see the sea of Jamaicans that come out to cheer the high schooler's out there. Teams from the LA area go to Penn and immediately adopt the rivalry. We are a nation driven by rivalries, from age group teams to high school to college to pro teams. We love good rivalries. This rise of the Jamaicans in the sprints, our back yard, is perfect. I hope it works. And I want to win!

Coming soon I will blog about something other than track LOL

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I am clearly a little jaded these days. Dwain is releasing his book and the UK is in an uproar. Excerpts have been released and oh yes they are eye popping, but oh well. I am not shocked. I am not appalled. I am amused, very amused. I have a different angle on the history, and a different perspective on it all I guess.
I cannot wait for his book to come out and read it. I want to know just like everyone else. I want to read the names, I would love to know the names that were redacted because they were unsubstantiated. Dwain says he can spot the abusers now. LMAO. That's a load of crap. He is jaded.
I like Dwain, I really do. He has made some stupid decisions and still proves that he has questionable judgment. He is clearly jaded and has the same things in him that allowed him to decide to follow Victor's lead. Until he shakes that weakness he will struggle to be great. The sadness is he is probably the most talented sprinter the UK has produced in 20 years.
As he correctly states in his book, he did all that drug taking and managed nothing! He did not gain a tenth of a second in truth. That race had a 2.0 wind. His 1999 bronze medal run was superior, and he was clean then. So the question becomes who was advising him through 2000 and allowed him to believe and buy into the notion that he was not good enough??? Now that pisses me off.
The young man was good, real good. He had all the makings of the British record holder, and if you doubt it just look at his performances since his return. First race back he ran 10.07. Last year he ran 10 flat. The lesson here is about perspective. It is about determining what is success.
European champs are this weekend. Dwain and Simeon will battle to the finish line to the gold. But I will be waiting for Monday. I cannot get a book, but I know there will be chunks all over the Internet. And I will be reading it all.

Meanwhile, tune into Tasha's radio show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tashadanvers. It is fun but serious. I invite you all to call in, tune in, listen in and join in. The more the merrier.